To the reader of this blog I am deeply grateful to TEAM and to MONA Vie families for the confidence I’ve gained over the past twenty months listening and reading from the TEAM Leadership training system along with the encouragement.

When I found the Mona Vie fruit beverages which has helped my health conditions like know other fruit juice I can only say how grateful to my friends who told me about this product I am in debt to them as words cannot convey my true gratitude to them. When I first started to drink the Mona Vie beverage I flat doing anything for the rest of the day if I had washed my car. After about ninety days or little less I noticed my energy level picking up to the point that I could now wash three vehicles and still have energy left to do house work and gardening.

Now I was starting to see people being put into my line of sponsorship and developed an interest in see how the business really worked. Already being a member of TEAM I started to get onto the TEAM TRAINING SYSTEM which has helped me have so much more confidence than before. Through the right information I have found that I can stand up for what is right and wrong within the work place along with everywhere I go now. My sincere thanks to Orrin Woodward and the TEAM together with Dallin Larsen CEO founder of MONA VIE.

Mona Vie and LIFE provide world class products through dealing with the 8F’s of life such as Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends and Fun while TEAM takes care of the fantastic training system giving us the knowledge and courage to go out and change the world one by one. Through the power of this education which is simple as all you have to do is listen to your friends and family crying out for help in anyone of those 8F’s and we have the answers to help them.